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Reality, Fantasy and Writing Through Chaos

2020 has brought with it an unusual dilemma for contemporary fiction writers. What are the odds of selling a novel set in the pandemic? The timeline for a manuscript to travel from final draft to bookstore shelf is often years. Given the rate of social, political and scientific change these days, the world will likely be a very different place by the time any story written now finds its way to readers. And then, how will readers want to remember 2020? As an inflection point? As a nightmare? Will they want, instead, to escape to freer times of decades or centuries past, or into worlds born in the imaginations of fantasy writers? Glassy-eyed from "Zoom school" and lonely from quarantine, what will it even mean to be a reader in 2021? I find myself facing this conundrum in my writing day job as well. How does one strike the right balance between acknowledging our current unique reality and offering a respite, some advice or even a laugh?   For me, right now, it comes down to my
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