Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year

We’ve arrived. Yes, it’s 2020, where everything should be perfectly clear. Our new decade looks likely to begin with a year of bad 20/20 vision puns. We’re “out with the old” which, in 2020, means post-holiday clearance sales and trendy weight loss plans. And why yes, I am a cynic. Funny you should ask.

But now, in all seriousness, I lay my judgmental snarkitude, general pessimism and anti-romantic nature aside to make a contribution to my writer friends this January:

A month of pithy quotations 
and wordy celebrations

Above is PITHY QUOTATION #1. It's partly cliche and partly good advice. Have a manuscript that's been languishing for (okay, let's just admit it) years in a state of partial completion? DO NOT open that document today. Start a fresh file, a fresh page. I don't mean you have to let go of all of your characters or your plot or your theme. Just, for TODAY, make a NEW contribution to your work. Don't rely on what you've written, review and line edit stuff for two hours and then consider your "work done." 

Start with a fresh page. Write something just from your head and without relying on the words that came before. You can always open that old file tomorrow. Or, maybe, give it a month in the virtual drawer. Heck, it's been years already. 

So, for today, Happy New Page to you!