So, What Have You Been Reading This Fall?

Okay, team, truth is I have an EPIC commute. Between my Seattle office, my son's middle school and my off-a-windy-road home, I spend a minimum of three hours in my car every day. What's a girl to do? It's a seven-letter answer: AUDIBLE! It's my solace, my salvation and a ton of listening fun. Beyond some terrific books, I enjoy the artistry of the readers and some impressive production values. Here's a short-list of recent LISTENS plus a few old-school paper titles I've recently enjoyed.

And, a quick note: There's an obvious genre bent to what I am reading. If you think it points to the nature of my next novel, you may be right. Then again... ;)

The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad, Book 5)SadieFive Dark Fates (Three Dark Crowns Book 4)

SADIE by Courtney Summers - A unique NPR podcast type format, a wonderfully twisty mystery and, of course, Summers' gorgeous writing.

MURDER BY THE BOOK by Claire Harman - A compelling, well-researched account of an actual murder case in Victorian England with insights into early forensic science.
FIVE DARK FATES by Kendare Blake - Loved this entire series -- a fascinating and layered world of hidden magic that echoes with warnings about the way we view our own times.
THE SECRET PLACE by Tana French - Brutally insightful and a visceral reading experience with language you want to eat and landscapes you can feel with your fingertips.
FEAST YOUR EYES by Myla Goldberg - Deserving of all the accolades, this is quite possibly my favorite book of the year. If you can imagine it... a book about photographs that is a treat for all the senses.

Feast Your Eyes: A NovelMurder by the Book: A Sensational Chapter in Victorian Crime

While some months, I don't find anything appealing in the free Audible Originals offerings, I will point to two lovely listens: STEPHEN FRY'S VICTORIAN SECRETS, THE SISTERS by Dervla McTiernan (also read her full-length novel THE RUIN).On my nightstand (in actual paper): Anthony Horowitz's delightfully literary meta-mystery, THE SENTENCE IS DEATH (follow-up to THE WORD IS MURDER, which I read last year).Whew! So, are you an AUDIBLE fan? Mystery reader? Whatcha writing these days...?

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