Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Steed, NaNoWriMo, Darkness & Light

It's been a whirlwind fall, which is my best pathetic excuse for the lack of posts. Okay, here's a better one: NaNoWriMo. I've 'won' NaNo before - completing 50k words in thirty short days with the yield of an utterly un-publishable manuscript but a heartily beefed-up writing muscle.

This time, my goal is more moderate. The plan is to simply write a little every day and to be kind to myself with the understanding that, for me, for right now, life is a balancing act of parenting, partnering, working, exercising, socializing and, of course, getting those letters on the page. At my current unspeakable age, I have learned that all of these are important and the trick is to pay a little attention to each in turn.

Behold, my October in pictures. Top right is my last outdoor ride before the rains began, at Seattle's Gasworks Park with my awesome new bicycle. On the left is a piece of the Berlin Wall on display at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Definitely worth the trip for both the incredible artifacts and the revelations betrayed by their curation. Case in point, this warning sign, reading, 'DO NOT TOUCH. Please help us preserve the condition of the Berlin Wall.' Might I add, Western graffiti and all, since the other (Eastern) side is cruelly pristine - a chilling reminder of the dark experiences of those trapped within.

And finally, because smiling, too, feels essential these days, a snap of me at the Tabard Inn on Capitol Hill, sharing a hug with a resident furry ambassador.

Sending warm writing wishes as the season grows cold!