Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My July in Books & Bikes

Trained for five months to prepare for 166 miles of hilly Irish countryside in County Cork and County Kerry (interspersed with pubs and some awesome gin). Worth every moment in the saddle for the views and the incredible sense of powering yourself up, up, up!

Now, I'm back to reality which currently includes a full-time job, volunteer work for my local library, hosting visiting family, parenting, catching a few plays and trying to finish a new YA novel. Truth be told, my kitchen floor could use a sweep...and a vac...and a serious mop. Heck, my whole house has become a refuge for dust and clutter. I've decided to embrace the dust and love it like a sister. (My sister, btw, is one awesome chick so that's some lucky dust.)

Sometimes it's hard to come up with 500 words of fiction after a day describing wacky retail stuff like toddler party dresses and glitter pens and horse bridles. On the other hand, sometimes it's amazing to spend a day flexing the writing muscle so you're good and ready to write about angsty privileged teens and addiction and murder...!!!! Potato, pah-tah-toh, I suppose.

 Of late, I've read...

  • MIDDLESEX by Jeffrey Eugenides 
  • THE LAST OF AUGUST by Brittany Cavallaro
  • DISGRACE by J. M. Coetzee
  • STAR-CROSSED by Barbara Dee
  • PYROMANTIC by Lish McBride

...and written...NOT ENOUGH.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the summer. 
Hope you're logging words or miles or whatever brings you joy (and, you know, cash).