Monday, November 28, 2016

Advice and Links for Teen Writers

There's no single path to writing success, any more than there is a single definition of writing success (or success in any form). 

Careers in writing are tricky. And, journalism and fiction writing are two completely different animals. For fiction writing, the advice I always give to teens is read, write and learn about life (aka, an English major is not required to be a fiction writer and maybe college is a place to explore other intellectual interests, such as history or politics or math!). After that, that are two routes: 1. (If your goal is popular fiction) Write, get an agent, submit work. 2. (If your goal is literary fiction) Go to an elite writing grad program (such as Iowa, NYU, Wisconsin (Madison), Brown, Johns Hopkins), make connections/get an agent, submit work.

That said, I have met many talented teens who dream of seeing their words in print. So, to the extent that we can define success as publication, here are a few links:
Happy Writing!