Monday, April 11, 2016

Mid-Career Monday: Assassins of April

Here are two very different takes on teen assassins from two amazing writers. Before creating his dark protagonist, BOY NOBODY for the Unknown Assassin series, Allen Zadoff crafted heartbreaking and humorous novels about theater geeks, overweight kids, and the search for love. Yes, all that!  I first discovered Mary E. Pearson when I picked up the amazing ADORATION OF JENNA FOX. But, before she broke out with the JENNA series, Mary sharpened her writing teeth writing easy readers and more.

What's the lesson here? Many of the authors you love have been honing their craft in all kinds of genres, exploring all kinds of topics, before they wrote the book that grabbed your heart. Don't be afraid to write try new shapes and sizes and forms for your work. Even if your latest idea involves something as scary as assassins! Be brave and go there!