Monday, February 1, 2016

The year of reviewing mid-career novels

The publishing world is a sea of debuts. I remember those heady days myself. Before one had a sales record, an Amazon ranking, and a head full of doubts. Before one realized how many debuts pub each year and how few sophomore novels get bound between covers. But it can be done. Head down, rump glued to desk chair, fingers on keyboard, coffee at the ready. Despite the odds, you CAN rediscover the faith or naivte or (to speak plain) balls to write another book. In my case, I feel like the second was better than the first. I feel like I keep learning, getting stronger, getting braver. So, in honor of my jaded-yet-inexplicably-hopeful perspective on this TOUGH business, I have decided to commit this year here on the website to reading and reviewing SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH novels--mid-career novels--books published by folks who've been in the trenches for decades, putting out their best work, keeping the faith. 

Any chance you could join me? 

Don't get me wrong. Debuts are sexy and exciting. Some are amazing (er, Harry Potter?!). But, maybe a couple of times this year, pick up a title by Lisa Schroeder, Suzanne Young, Barbara Dee, or John Corey Whaley. See what these seasoned veterans have to offer--see how they've honed their craft writing THOUSANDS of pages. 

And, if you can spare a moment, do us a MAJOR SOLID and share your thoughts (good or bad) on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads or whatever. Tell the interwebs we exist and, maybe, that we're pretty damn good.

To prove up, here's a third book that'll knock your socks off. 
Gorgeous, powerful, essential. True.

You can find (or review) this book HERE.