Monday, January 11, 2016


A picture book text wins the Newbery.

A Printz Honor goes a book in which four stories are organized around the visual concept of the helix (spiral), while the Printz sticker itself is affixed to a challenging work of magic realism.

A YALSA Nonfiction award is bestowed on the biography of a symphonic composition in a ravaged city.

How lucky we are to be reading and writing in a time of such marvelous embrace of the vital texture, the magical interweaving, the essential ties between the meanings of words and their shape and placement on the page; between history and science and art; between the language of text, of color, of line and curve.

Sometimes the world overwhelms. Oppresses. Then comes along a day like today, where a group of librarians wraps its book-loving arms around the great, grand possibilities of literature--what it looks like and what it can mean.