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Getting Ready for the New Year

As 2016 approaches (and just as I've sent a completed ms to my agent), I am preparing for a new year of writing. I've got an interesting but challenging story idea that feels like it might need a new form--possibly a new writing strategy. Thus far, I have tended toward the "pantser" (writing in the flow of the character, without an outline) school of writing, but there are world-building and thriller elements in this new story that might benefit from a more "plotter" (planning, via some form of outline, before you begin to write) approach. So, I'm starting my writing year by reading some craft books. If reading about writing sounds like a good idea, or if you, too, are looking to branch out in terms of your novel-building approach, here are a few suggestions. For PANTSERS seeking plotting guidance: For PLOTTERS looking to loosen up on the outlines: For FIRST-TIME NOVELISTS planning a "write that book" resolution: For MID-CAREE

Dr. Seuss had it right. It simply doesn't "...come from a store..."

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate in December, my wish for you is a season of joy and the gift of a sense of purpose in your life.

Counting down...

The last week of school before break. The epic batches of cookies I need to bake. Preparing guest rooms, planning menus, getting the dog groomed so he'll look (and smell) good for the holiday photos. Wrapping boxes, attending concerts and celebrations. I am seriously looking forward to a holiday NAP! Finally, congrats to J - winner of THE SOUND OF LETTING GO book give away. Hope you got my email!

The Giving Season

Are you still seeking a gift for a YA reader in your life (maybe yourself)? In the spirit of all December celebrations, I am giving away a couple of copies of THE SOUND OF LETTING GO, shipped directly to your USA address of choice. Enter below!
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