Thursday, November 19, 2015

Has the world just changed?

I was welcomed home from an amazing SCBWI writing retreat by this adorable pooch...and a 48-hour, internet-free power outage. Thus the delay in this post. Well, one delay. The bigger one was the world turning upside down. Terrorism, grief, a world filled with pointing fingers and people crossing their arms against compassion--and people showing immense love and compassion. And I sit here, now shame-faced for complaining about my two days without a dishwasher.

I've written and deleted several blog posts today. I've been thinking about the kind of diversity we are privileged to be able to demand in the publishing industry...of how our perception of the events of Wikileaks may change now...of the disturbing array of reality-star-style individuals who make up the sad majority of our options for president in next year's election...of my friends in the military and their children and what this terrorism may mean for their families...of my own sons and the world into which I brought them...

I wonder if the world is unimaginably different since last Friday (I also wondered this on September 11, 2001, when my third son was not quite one year old). I wait, but no answers come. No reassuring words leap from my fingers to the keyboard to this post. I'm sorry.