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Been awhile, blogosphere...

I am happy to report that the family has survived two graduations and other end-of-school-year festivities (and stresses). Boys #1 and #2 are gainfully employed for the summer. Boy #3 is hanging with friends and teaching himself to play the guitar (no, I haven't asked him if it's part of some plan to get girls). Boy #4 starts basketball camp next week with his bestie. And I've just become part of the MOST amazing, tiny, heart-filling critique group. So there's the update along with an apology for my continued sporadic blogging in the coming weeks as I try to finish writing this novel. Best wishes to you for a summer of sun, fun & beautiful words!

Graduation Frenzy

This month Boy #2 will graduate from high school. Boy #3 will graduate from middle school. Boy #1 will miss the fun because he's back on the east coast for his summer research job. Boy #4 is celebrating the completion of third grade and the fact that baseball season is not yet over. I'll be doing a lot of smiling and picture-taking. Many of my friends' kids are excitedly planning to attend first-choice schools in the fall, making lemonade out of some less-than-ideal choices, partying, and working. But a few have lost their way. A few have not managed to complete their senior year of high school. And those parents? They are as sad and confused as their children. Watching this spring unfold has really driven home how much pressure we middle class parents put on our kids. Do well in school. Play a sport. Be creative. Take a leadership position in some club. Intentional or not, it's like we see only one way--one path to a success we define as being just like us. It
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