Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Writing in the found hours...

My assistant wearing glasses.
No particular correlation to the text.
But, yes, he's adorable
as is the teen boy holding him!
A sudden change of plans opens up three extra hours in your afternoon. You sit down at your computer...and you write.

Sometimes I find that I am more creative, more innovative when I write in these unplanned hours versus the ones where I sit doggedly at my desk because this is my "writing time."

It may be the case that the found hours would not be as productive if I hadn't spent those many pre-planned hours muscling through the pages to meet my word count goal. In my heart, I see it as no different than ballet--the perfect pirouette in performance is a result of the many, many imperfect turns done before the mirror when you're tired, blue, simply punching the clock.

Putting in the work makes you appreciate those fleeting gift moments all the more.