Monday, January 26, 2015


Did you get any reading or writing done this weekend? Cook any good meals? Take a nice walk? I've been struggling lately with THE MEANING OF LIFE and all that jazz. I think it's something that happens after you actually manage to publish a couple of books and realize that your life hasn't changed one bit. Was LIFE CHANGE what I was expecting? Frankly, you're better off having a real baby -- or getting a pet -- those things will REALLY change your life (or at least massively disrupt your sleep cycles). Then it hit me: What I am trying to write about in my current WIP is how two teen protagonists search for life's meaning in the face of some terrible hurdles. And, I suppose, the challenge I face now is convincing myself that the time and angst require to finish this novel is worth it. So, yeah, that's my Monday. Not sure if it's a great post for an author website but it's definitely real.

And now, on a self-serving note, I enjoy supporting authors whose work I love by posting a customer review. I know, I know, Amazon is a scary place and we all have mixed feelings about it but metrics are metrics folks, and publishers love 'em. Which leads to this simple truth: My most recent novel could use a bit more cyber love and I'd be thrilled if a few folks could just cut-and-paste out of their Goodreads or come up with a sentence or two to share with Amazonia. Honest opinions welcome! Amazon Customer Review link is here to click with my thanks!