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So HOPPY!!!!

You read that right--I'm hopping with happiness because I've just returned from a marvelous evening at Third Place Books where a jam-packed crowd celebrated the publication of Kevan Atteberry's BUNNIES! It was one of those magical nights when so many creative people--writers and illustrators--came out to support a talented and awesome member of our SCBWI community. The energy was joyful and inspiring. I was so happy to be there--and even happier to share the evening with my youngest, a serious bunny enthusiast (he even brought his favorite stuffed bunny to the book launch).


Did you get any reading or writing done this weekend? Cook any good meals? Take a nice walk? I've been struggling lately with THE MEANING OF LIFE and all that jazz. I think it's something that happens after you actually manage to publish a couple of books and realize that your life hasn't changed one bit. Was LIFE CHANGE what I was expecting? Frankly, you're better off having a real baby -- or getting a pet -- those things will REALLY change your life (or at least massively disrupt your sleep cycles). Then it hit me: What I am trying to write about in my current WIP is how two teen protagonists search for life's meaning in the face of some terrible hurdles. And, I suppose, the challenge I face now is convincing myself that the time and angst require to finish this novel is worth it. So, yeah, that's my Monday. Not sure if it's a great post for an author website but it's definitely real. And now, on a self-serving note, I enjoy supporting authors whose


Follow my blog with Bloglovin After much gnashing of teeth, I have decided to consolidate my " Writer on the Side " blog, which I began years before I sold my first novel, with my author website. Now, here on this landing page, you'll be able to read my random musings about books, craft and writer life. And, if you click around, you'll find all the "author stuff" you need, too. Hopefully, this will make me more EFFICIENT although using that term in conjunction with a novelist's lifestyle may simply by oxymoronic! Well, for better or worse, here goes!
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